Very Amateur Disc Jockey

Fiddling around with tunes

Disco Boomer started as a fun hobby with the main goal to listen to good music. 20 years later it is still a fun hobby that is not practiced as often. I still want to spread the good music from a while back and I hope to put up some new stuff too. The great thing about music is there is always something to listen to. 

– Disco Boomer


Fan Support

Helping Listeners Find Their Artists

Can you tell this was a stock template?

  • Find Concerts- I do not play live anymore. I think I played like 5-10 shows. So if you have one of those recorded sweet. If you want me to play, good luck!.
  • Play Your Favorites- Check out the mixes on the site. Most are likely classic sets. But all are guaranteed to have been liked by at least one person before.
  • Follow the Latest Trends- There are no trends here. This part of the template makes no sense here. Just imagine this isn’t here.